Life Cycle of a Plant



The life cycle of a plant or flower is important for students to understand so that they can see how and why a plant grows in the way that it does. After learning more about the plant life cycle, students will be able to compare and contrast the life cycles of various living things with the plant life cycle to learn how different things grow in different stages.  



The Life Cycle of Plants  - Interactive resource which shows what happens to plants as they grow with and without the proper nutrients.



The SET-BC website offers CurriculumSET which is a collection of Ministry approved technology-based resources for students using assistive technology.

Plants is a useful resource from CurriculumSET that must be accessed using the tool Clicker 5.


A website with lots of great plant science materials to purchase is Teachers' Paradise.



From Seed to Plant: A short video about the life cycle of a plant with a neat computer drawing idea at the end.


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